Tiffany lamp repairs: reuse and recycle

by | 4th January, 2022 | 0 comments

Do you have an old or damaged Tiffany lamp that you would like repaired or refurbished? Many people have been inspired by the hugely popular TV series The Repair Shop and now want to have treasured items restored. What could be better than preserving a previously loved item that has been damaged? You and your family can enjoy it again – and you are also doing your bit for the environment by not throwing it into landfill.

Tiffany lamps look glorious when lit up. They can transform an interior into a warm and inviting space. With their intricate designs and rich, coloured glasses, they are works of art in their own right. Often Tiffany lamps have great sentimental value for their owners, too.

Therefore, when they get damaged, it can be heartbreaking.

However, help is at hand. Most Tiffany lamps can be repaired so that they can be enjoyed again. Whether there is a tear or split in the copper foil, the glass has come away from the vase cap, or glass is missing or cracked, these issues can all be rectified.

The process to make a Tiffany lamp is slow and labour-intensive. The same is true when repairing one. In fact, it can take more time, as the damaged glass must be matched and the broken pieces removed carefully. Any damaged foil and solder have to be removed too. Then each new piece of glass is cut to fit, foiled and soldered into place. The solder is blacked to tone in with the original lamp and then it has to be cleaned inside and out.

The result is a beautifully restored lamp. It can be enjoyed again, with the added satisfaction of knowing that choosing to repair has given it a new life and helped to preserve the environment.


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