Mackintosh-inspired stained glass window

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I know you like hearing about my stained glass window projects so here is one I particularly enjoyed. This came about when I met a lovely lady at the Hampshire Open Studios event. She had recently moved to the area and had an inside porch window with clear glass that she wanted to replace.

She was keen on the iconic designs of influential Scottish artist, architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928). She asked me to design a window inspired by his work. Of course, the stylised, rounded roses and angular lines Mackintosh used had to be included. From a practical point of view, she wanted a border of clear, textured glass, to allow more daylight to filter through.

I worked away on the computer to create something that would fit the space. Once I was happy with the design, I prepared two colourways (red and blues or greens, pink and purple) and sent them to the client for her review. The design married the straight lines Mackintosh was known for with bold roses in pale pink, set against a light green background and framed by dark green glass rectangles with pops of purple. The stylised, spade-shaped leaves were mirrored in the teardrop shapes down one side. I was very pleased with how the design turned out.

Happily, the client loved the design and did not ask for any changes. After much deliberation, she decided to go with the second colour option. I visited her with a selection of glass samples so the colour choices could be agreed.

The next task was to build the window. As it was quite large, steel strips were added within the leads to give invisible support without the need for a reinforcing bar. Once all the glass was cut and placed and the lead strips were positioned, the joints were soldered to keep the glass in position. The whole window was filled with stained glass cement on both sides, for added strength.

Progress photos were sent to the customer so she could see her window evolve with each step.

Once it had been blacked and cleaned (again) the window was ready to head to its new home.

The client and her husband were very pleased with the design. Once it was installed, she said it looked “amazing” and that her husband had been motivated to decorate the porch to give it a fitting surrounding. A little imagination and beautiful stained glass certainly transformed the porch area and gave them a talking point with visitors. Now they have a unique work of art that they pass and enjoy every day as the colours change with the light.

If you would like a stained glass window for your home, do get in touch, without obligation.


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