Retro round stained glass window

by | 25th October, 2023 | 0 comments

When a lady had a new kitchen built, she decided the finishing touch should be a round stained glass window.

She had an idea that she wanted a retro design of a sun with rays above rolling hills and a lake.

She and her partner visited me to discuss the design and select the stained glasses they preferred. As her house dates from the 1970s, she wanted to have a 1970s feel to the piece. After much deliberation, she chose a warm brown-amber as the main colour for the sun, plus different textures of yellow for the sun rays. She chose a mid blue glass for the border and a dark blue, wispy glass for the lake. Two different greens with contrasting textures were selected for the hills.

This window was made using traditional lead and textured glasses to create a cohesive design.

I think the design and the colours certainly have a retro feel and fit perfectly with her style, as shown in the photos she sent me. Having an internal window means it can be enjoyed from both sides too! Her comment was, “I absolutely love it!”, which is a great endorsement.

Whatever taste and style you prefer, we can work together to create a window that is perfect for you and your home. Just get in touch with your ideas – without obligation. I’d love to design something special for you.


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