Stained glass products – new stock and restock

by | 17th June, 2023 | 0 comments

There never seem to be enough hours in the day to make all the ideas I have in my head. However, I have been able to make a few new pieces featuring stained glass recently.

One idea I have been wanting to try for a while is the use of more wire and less glass – so the glass becomes a bright focal point of the design. I use a lot of wire in many of my designs but not usually as the main material. I made a fun little handbag design with a coloured stained glass tag.

Another idea was to make some houses from translucent glass that could stand in a window to catch the light. I made each roof to sit at a jaunty angle to add a bit of interest and fantasy to the designs.

A recent request I received was to make a snowdrop light catcher. While this could be seen as an idea more suited to Christmas and cold weather, I think this beautiful and delicate flower deserves to be shown off all through the year. That said, I’ll probably make some more ready for the festive season!

I’ve also made some butterflies in lovely colours. These hang up from a wire loop as though they are fluttering away. These are created in a simple yet effective design that lets the glass speak for itself. They will be coming along to my next event at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens this June (more details of that event in this blog), along with some new dragons (seated and wall-hanging).

If you can’t make it to see this new work in person, do have a look in the Shop where I’ll be listing some of these new items.


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