Stained glass window repair for Romsey client

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This attractive and unusual stained glass window needed a lot of repair work. It had probably been removed from an old house as there was evidence that it had been secured with rebars (reinforcing bars) in the past. On the next stage of its life, it had been transferred into a wooden frame and hung up.

Its most recent owner wanted it removed from the frame, which had woodworm, so it could be repurposed. It was her dream to have a real stained glass window in her newly built workshop in Romsey, Hampshire.

It was my job to repair the damage so she could enjoy it in its special new location.

The first task was to extract the stained glass from the wooden frame without causing further damage. Although the frame was rotten in places, it was held in place with strong metal bars and white filler that had set like concrete over the years.

I knew that the outside lead would have to be replaced, so I set about lifting the lead and cutting through the joints all round the window on both sides. A lot of the outside border of clear, textured glass was already damaged or discoloured. Therefore I took the decision to replace all the border with new glass in the original style.

Before that, I removed all the damaged areas from the main design in the middle. Thankfully, the stencilled flower pattern in the centre was intact, as were the small squares with stencilled designs. One of the 3D floral roundels had been replaced with plain blue glass in its history, so I secured it with fresh filler as it was a bit loose.

I selected stained and textured glass that best matched the original stained glass window.

Once all the broken stained glass was removed, I cut new glass pieces to replace it. I lifted the lead around each empty space and added each new piece carefully. Then the lead had to be folded back and gently hammered down.

New lead was added all around the outside once the clear border had been replaced.

When all the new glass was placed, stained glass filler was used to secure each part.

Last, but not least, the whole panel was painstakingly cleaned on both sides. Many years of grime and dirt were removed.

The owner was delighted with the repair and restoration work. As mentioned, she was having a new workshop built and had a space planned into the design especially for this window. So this stained glass window is all set for the next stage of its life with new owners in Romsey, Hampshire. It is lovely to know that this old stained glass has been saved and will be treasured for many more years to come.

Do you have an old stained glass window that needs some care and attention? Or would you like a new panel created especially for you? Just get in touch with me to discuss your ideas – ring on 01329 830172 or email: .


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