Spiritual wall art – moon-gazing hares and wolf stained glass artworks

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Spiritual art has become even more popular in recent times, so if you want a unique artwork that reflects this trend, take a look at the new moon wall art pieces that are available now in the Shop. These include two stained glass moon-gazing hares and a black wolf howling at the moon. Each moon is made from beautiful stained glass, which is framed in a strong, metal surround. Beneath each hangs either a moon-gazing hare or a wolf, also created from stained glass.

The moon-gazing hare is a symbol that dates from ancient times. It is associated with positive energies, such as growth, rebirth and good luck. Hopefully these energies will bring some of their magic to the new owners of these spiritual artworks.

Symbolism of the wolf

The wolf is another powerful symbol with a long history. It is associated with cultures around the world, and particularly with Native American Indians. Native Indians believe the wolf is a protective spirit and a wise hunter, to be respected and admired.

The wolf symbolises intelligence, shrewdness, freedom and loyalty, as well as being a totem animal that can show people who feel lost the right path.

In Celtic mythology, the wolf was held in great esteem and was a symbol of transformation. The wolf was the companion of the Celtic Goddess Cerridwen, the Goddess of the Moon. The moon itself represent the emotions, the unconscious and intuition.

When a wolf howls at the moon, it is said to represent the call of the wild – the cry of a hunter and a restless spirit – asking for the Great Spirit to open up mystical insights and intuition to reveal the path ahead.

The wolf wall art piece celebrates the special relationship between the wolf and the moon and can be a focus for spiritual guidance.

Find these new spiritual art pieces in the Wall Art and Lightcatchers categories of the website Shop.


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