Stained glass moon-gazing hare wall art

The moon-gazing hare is a symbol that dates from ancient times. It is said to be associated with positive energies, such as growth, rebirth and good luck.

This beautiful handmade art piece celebrates the moon and the moon-gazing hare and I hope it brings you joy and positivity.

It will look stunning on your wall. It could also hang in a window. It features a large, iridescent blue stained glass moon set in a strong, metal frame. Beneath it sits a hare, transfixed by the moon above, made from iridescent, white glass. The use of iridescent glass for both the moon and moon-gazing hare brings an extra dimension as it changes with the light, radiating rainbow hues.There is also a red glass star, and decorative bead soldering, bringing extra interest and texture.

This is a unique, handmade piece and there is only one available.

Other moon-related items are available in the shop, including a wolf design.

Perfect for bringing you, or your recipient, good luck and deeper spirituality.

It comes with a wire, looped hanger, ready to display.

It measures 25cm long.


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Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 9 × .5 × 25 cm

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