House in landscape wall art

This delightful stained glass wall art sculpture features a little house of white with a grey roof, set amongst rolling hills made of beautiful, rich green and yellow stained glass. It is not easy to tell from the image, but there are tiny gold flecks in the glass that shimmer and bring an extra dimension to this unique piece.

In the foreground are two glass flowers in orange and blue, bringing added interest to the design. Another, larger, ‘millefiori’ flower grows at the top of the piece, featuring blue, red and white glass.

This piece is all handmade and totally unique. The windows and door are painted by hand and everything has been assembled using the traditional copper foil technique, soldered together and the joints blacked to make a strong contrast with the bright colours of the stained glass.

With its wire hanger, this piece is easy to hang from a hook or nail.

It would look equally impressive in a modern or traditional home. Perfect for someone who values quirky and stylish art. It would also make a lovely housewarming gift.


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Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 21 × .4 × 18 cm

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