Seagulls stained glass windows find perches

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It is always rewarding to make special stained glass designs for people. Clients who live on Hayling Island asked to make a window featuring seagulls in flight. They wanted to celebrate the picturesque location of their home by the sea.

They also wanted a very pale colour palette, so we agreed a wispy white stained glass along with very pale blue and pale grey glasses.

I drew up the design on my computer, which meant any changes to the design or colours could be made easily.

The traditional copper foil technique was used to create the tight curves of the seagulls design.

Once complete, the panel was received with delight by the new owners. They were kind enough to send me a photo of it once they had installed it above a new bathroom doorway.

Meanwhile, another prospective customer had been considering a series of traditional-style stained glass windows to go above doorways and in interior windows in their holiday home in Southsea. However, when they saw the seagulls design they fell in love with it and asked me to create something similar for them. As with the original owners, they wanted to capture some of the positive atmosphere of coastal living with a unique artwork inside their apartment.

As they could not travel to Southsea during lockdown, they enjoyed the panel as a work of art propped in the window of their main residence while they waited to transport it to its new home. Again, they took the time to send me a photo of the window once it was installed.

They were so pleased with the stained glass window that we have since worked together to design a complementary panel featuring swans photographed in Southsea… Read about that in this blog.

If you are looking for a unique stained glass window design for your home, whether traditional or contemporary, please get in touch.


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