Stained glass swans swim to Southsea

by | 2nd September, 2021 | 0 comments

There is no better validation for an artist than repeat business. I am honoured to have several loyal customers who buy my stained glass pieces, big and small.

The customers who ordered a seagulls stained glass window for their Southsea home decided they would like a swan window to go next to it.

They had some photographs they had taken of the swans on the pond at Southsea. This meant the design was based on actual local Southsea swans.

I drew up the image using my design program. As the two panels would be next to one another, we agreed the new window would use the same glass colours as the seagulls window. These colours were wispy white, pale blue and grey, with the addition of a rusty orange for the beaks.

Again, I used the copper foil technique to create the finer details of the swans. The panel was framed in traditional lead, so the glass was supported with cardboard pieces to achieve the right height for soldering.

I am looking forward to seeing this swans piece installed beside the seagulls one. It will certainly bring the holiday and seaside vibe of Southsea indoors.


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