Wisteria, clematis and tulip stained glass for contemporary home

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A very enjoyable commission was to make a set of eight bespoke stained glass panels for a stylish new home in Ampfield, Hampshire.

This house had a smart front door with four sealed unit window panes down each side. The client wanted a light and modern design for each side of the door. Each stained glass panel would be fitted to the inside of each sealed unit.

I met the clients to discuss what they would like in more detail and to show them different glass samples. They were already keen on stained glass and had some old panels that they showed me so I knew the types of glass they preferred.

They wanted a naturalistic design that would flow on either side of the door. We discussed the types of flowers they liked and agreed that I would draw up a design that featured wisteria, clematis and tulips. These would be created in complementary colours, mostly in white, pinks and purples. They did not want both sides to mirror one another. They also wanted the allow plenty of light in, so we agreed a very pale blue glass would work for the background glass. The stained glasses would have textured or wispy effects to maintain privacy.

I spent some time perfecting the design and connected each set of four panes with a curling ‘tendril’, representing those found on climbing plants like clematis, which led down the design. I made the wisteria quite detailed and naturalistic as I have seen others’ designs that look more like a bunch of grapes when created in stained glass. I brought a liveliness to the flowers through making the petals different shapes and angles.

The clients loved the design and I set to work to recreate it in glass. This took some time but eventually the panels were made. I used copper foil technique for the wisteria sections so I could recreate the finer details. I also added wire ‘stamens’ to the clematis, giving a subtle 3D effect.

Once each panel was built, it was filled with lead light cement to keep the stained glass pieces in place, before careful cleaning on both sides.

The clients were delighted with the designs, which had stayed true to the original brief and promised design. As you can see, almost anything is possible in stained glass and it doesn’t have to be a traditional stained glass design in a modern home.

If you have an idea for a stained glass window for your home, please get in touch.


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