Victorian stained glass windows for London listed building

by | 28th May, 2022 | 0 comments

A property development company approached me to help repair and refurbish some damaged original Victorian stained glass windows.

There were three panels in some double doors that needed my attention. The doors were part of a major renovation of a listed building in Finchley, North London. The company was converting the former Victorian religious building into luxury homes. Alongside, they were creating some ultra modern homes for sale too.

The repairs had to be made with stained glass sheets as close to the originals as possible, as the building was listed. I conducted extensive research with stained glass suppliers to find replacement glass for the softly textured clear glass. Unfortunately, I discovered that the glass was discontinued several years ago. Therefore I had to source the best match available.

Two of the three panels had been severely damaged, but the company wanted as much of the original glass and lead reused in the replacements. The other panel was mostly intact and the focus was on the bottom left corner, all of which needed replacing.

I always try to make my stained glass repairs and refurbishments as sympathetic to the originals as possible, using colours and textures that best match, and blending the colour of the leads.

Another factor was to ensure that the top panel lined up with the lower panel when it was fitted back in the door. This was because the design ran across the whole door.

As these stained glass double doors are internal doors, they would not be in direct sunlight. Therefore I was confident that the replacement stained glass and clear glass areas would tone in well with the original glass.

It is good to know that these Victorian stained glass windows will be retained to enhance the luxury homes in Finchley. I am sure the new owners will appreciate having stained glass that makes a real impact and adds character to their environment.


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