Unique wedding present commission

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Wedding Bowl

Another totally unique commission resulted from a request from a mother of a bride for a special wedding present for the happy couple. She wanted a gift that would reflect the surnames of the bride and groom.

The result was this pretty bowl, decorated with fish and leaves. The unusual combination of fish and oak leaves came about because the bride’s surname derives from the word for ‘herring’, while the groom’s surname means ‘oak tree’ or ‘oak leaf’.

Colour palette

It was a bit of a challenge trying to marry (haha) these two very different themes in the design, but restricting the colour scheme to green and iridised white brought it all together.

The iridised glass was selected to give an impression of shiny fish scales and changes with the light, giving a sense of movement. The green ‘bubbles’ are balanced against the little acorns.

Happily both my customer and the recipients were delighted with the result – a truly bespoke wedding present which will remind them of their special day every time they look at it.


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