Unique Valentine’s Day gifts for the one you love

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If you are going to send your loved one a Valentine’s Day gift, it is sure to be extra special if you show that you have considered your present choice and taken the time to research and buy something different. Giving a unique Valentine’s Gift demonstrates an extra layer of devotion and care.

So if you have decided to step away from the traditional chocolates or flowers available from all the supermarkets, why not give them a handmade artwork that truly shows your devotion?

We all love our pets and they have been even more special during lockdowns and the changing pandemic regulations, so I have created some Love Cats to celebrate our feline friends and share the love for our fellow humans too. These fun cat sculptures (see main image) are made from iridescent stained glass, giving an extra layer of shine that catches the light as you move past. Each cat has a romantic heart on the end of its tail. Wire feet ensure they stand up steadily wherever you, or your loved one, choose to display them. Purrrfect presents for cat lovers too!

Another option for a unique romantic gift this Valentine’s Day is my special edition of the Quirky Birds – a pair of Curly Birds. These feature fancy, curly-wurly plumage and white, iridescent bodies, giving extra interest to the sculpture. The two are joined together with a warm glass heart of red – a symbol of their undying love. They are hand-made so no two will ever be the same.

Stained glass Sugar Mice are a perfect choice for your Valentine. They are hand-cut from pale pink stained glass and come in a choice of tails – either long with a little dot on the end, or with a pretty little wire heart on the end. You can buy one or a pair, with any combination of tails you wish.

A truly unique Valentine’s Day gift is this pretty blue stained glass plaque, inspired by love and featuring hearts in layers of rich, coloured glass. It simply props up against a wall or on a shelf and will be a constant reminder of you to the recipient.

These gifts of love are ideal for your Valentine, but would be equally suited to delight a couple on their engagement, or to celebrate a wedding, an anniversary or a new home. Or why not send a gift to a distant relative or friend you cannot see in person at the moment? Plus Mother’s Day is on 14th March 2021….

We all love a surprise gift and one that is hand made and personally chosen will always convey your love and support so well.

A hand-written note expressing your wishes can always be included, and the present can be securely wrapped and sent direct to the recipient on your behalf, if you prefer.

I hope you enjoy sharing the love this Valentine’s Day!


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