Unique art sculptures for the garden

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People’s homes and gardens have become even more important over the last year. We have all spent much more time at home and in the garden during the various lockdowns as a result of the pandemic. Gardens are particularly useful for meeting friends and family safely in these difficult times.

So how do we express our personalities and put our own stamp on our gardens to make them attractive for us – and our visitors – to enjoy? While we can plant trees, flowers and shrubs that change with the seasons, choosing a piece of art for the garden is one way to ensure year-round interest.

A piece of stained glass art or a garden sculpture featuring coloured glass can provide a splash of colour even in midwinter. What could be better than looking out on the garden on a cold day, when all the plants look stark and lifeless, to see light streaming through a sparkling sheet of stained glass in a garden sculpture?

One way to add instant interest to your garden is to buy a garden artwork that is mounted on a stake. This can be pushed into the grass on the lawn or into the flower bed quickly and easily.

My new range of art for the garden features different pieces of stained glass, chosen for their special colours and surfaces. They are mounted in strong metal frames on sturdy stakes, combining beauty and practicality.

The new garden designs include a butterfly, a dragonfly and a fairy.

Butterfly garden sculpture

The butterfly garden ornament holds a piece of stained glass selected for its unique swirled tones of soft colours, including aqua, purple and yellow. It is as beautiful as a butterfly’s wing. The glass itself has an uneven surface that reflects the light at different angles, providing added interest. The metal frame is finished in black. It supports the glass securely and it has two long prongs at the bottom to fix it safely in the ground.

Dragonfly garden art

The dragonfly garden ornament has wings created from warm blue glass, which has an iridescent surface. This catches the light and gives the effect of a real dragonfly’s wings shining in the sun. It is supported on a long, strong metal frame that has an interesting black sparkly finish, which also catches the light.

Fairy garden sculpture

We all know that fairies live at the bottom of the garden, but where you choose to situate this beautiful fairy garden ornament is up to you! Bring a little fantasy and magic to your garden with this lovely piece. It features a seated fairy silhouette and wings created from blue glass with a rich, iridescent surface. At the top of one wing, the fairy has a little white flower made from individually-cut petals of iridescent stained glass.

This pretty garden sculpture would be perfect for the garden of anyone who likes fantasy, or could watch over the children’s flower bed. The iridescent glass adds pink and silvery hues to the design.

The fairy and her stand are made from strong metal, finished in a dark, sparkly pink that also catches the light and adds to the wonderland feel.

These garden sculpture stakes offer a convenient way to bring added interest and colour to your garden through the seasons. Which will you choose?


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