Umbrella and Cat sun catchers make unique gifts

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We all like to receive a gift that has been chosen with care – and handmade gifts are the most precious. A handmade gift will always be unique.

This month I have been adding to my handmade gift collection, in the stained glass sun catcher range in the shop. There are new cat light catchers, plus umbrella sun catchers too.

The cat sun catchers join the other stained glass gift options available for all the cat lovers in your life. You may have seen the curled up cat framed pictures in the Wall Art section of the shop, or the curly tailed love cats in the Funky Sculptures section. Now you can also choose from a selection of window hanging cats in different colours. These cats are a good size and come with a white ribbon attached, so they are ready to hang up straight away.

Special orders are welcome if you would like a particular colour that you can’t see. Whether you prefer more natural cat colours in brown, black, grey or white, or the more exotic orange, blue or green – each cat comes with its own personality. The dark colours look very striking hung against a wall or other solid surface too.

The first cat light catcher I made was for a couple who have two white cats which are both deaf. White furred cats are often born deaf as they have a condition that affects their inner ears. As a result, these two are kept indoors for their own safety. However, they do have what the couple have named a ‘catio’ – a large wire frame with a cat tree – that means they can go outside on the patio and enjoy the warmer weather without getting lost.

The umbrella sun catchers could just as easily be called parasol light catchers, as they really come alive in the sunshine. I designed them to have a unique style, with an organic shape and lots of texture in the veins and decorative solder blobs. I’m sure if you had an umbrella window hanger it would keep the rain at bay and bring a smile to your face every time you looked at it, even in the darkest storms. Imagine how great several would look hanging up together…

Everything in my stained glass shop is individually made, so there is sure to be a unique, handmade gift that is perfect to treat yourself or a loved one. And if you have an idea for something extra special made in glass, just get in touch to discuss your idea.

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