Tiffany lamp repairs continue in 2022

by | 1st February, 2022 | 0 comments

The trend of ‘make do and mend’ that accelerated during the coronavirus lockdown has shown no sign of slowing. So many people found damaged Tiffany-style glass lamps when they were decluttering or organising their homes.

Thanks to the Repair Shop tv show, more of us are aware that there are skilled craftsmen and women capable of repairing all sorts of items. Often there are sentimental reasons to have something repaired rather than throwing it away. Sometimes, with Tiffany lamps, the owner remembers how glorious the coloured glass looks when the lamp is lit.

In one recent case, the owner wanted a Tiffany lamp repair because she had inherited the lamp from her mother who had sadly passed away. Unfortunately, her toddler had knocked the lamp over and caused quite extensive damage. This large lamp featured a bold, floral design with red and pink flowers.

One side was particularly cracked and broken. There were also several other areas with cracked glass pieces.

The damaged glass was removed carefully. Then the painstaking process of cutting and forming replacement glass began. Once each piece was the right shape, copper foil was wrapped round it. Then it was soldered into position. The next job was to black the solder to blend it with the existing finish. Then it was cleaned inside and out.

I hope you agree it looks great now and that it was worth saving.

The number of enquiries about Tiffany lamp repairs has continued to increase in 2022, so the culture of repairing rather than throwing away looks set to stay.


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