Tiffany lamp repaired to hand on to the next generation

by | 4th January, 2021 | 0 comments

Quite often, the damage sustained to a Tiffany-style lamp is a dent to the overall shape, or a broken off area where the copper foil has pulled apart. This was the case with this Tiffany lamp that I worked on recently.

Unlike a lot of the lamps that come to me for repair, this one was not shop-bought, but was created by the lady owner’s late husband many years earlier. He had been an engineer, and his precision and patience were certainly reflected in his accurate glass cutting and foiling as he carried out his stained glass hobby projects.

Sadly, the lampshade had been relegated to the shed when the house was redecorated, and it sustained some damage as a result. The lady wanted to have the shade repaired so that she could pass it on to her son in due course, as a memory of his father.

One edge piece had come away intact, so I was able to replace some of the foil and solder it back into position, while pushing the border back into alignment. The section next to it was also pulled out of shape, so that was realigned and strengthened, too.

It was then cleaned and carefully boxed up and returned to its owner, ready to hand on to the next generation. I was pleased to be involved in ensuring that the lampshade would have a new chapter in its life.


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