Tiffany lamp repair jobs continue in 2023

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There was a steady stream of Tiffany lamp repair work for me throughout 2022 and 2023 has continued in the same manner, with lots of enquiries about repairs and refurbishments.

Even though I have done so many repairs over the years, each one is different and presents its own challenges.

Two Tiffany-style lamps I repaired recently are shown here. The large shade features a border of pretty birds, which is a more unusual design. As is often the case, this shade held great sentimental value for the owner. Her partner decided to have it repaired as a surprise for her for Christmas.

This large shade had pulled apart round one of the birds and had several broken and fractured glass pieces. The glass collar had also sustained quite a lot of damage, and its metal ring had been bent out of shape. On the opposite side there were various cracked and broken pieces as well. All in all, it was in a bit of a sorry state.

Happily the rim bent back fairly well and the collar was straightforward to repair. Then I set to work removing all the other damaged pieces from the main lampshade.

I carefully cut and replaced each piece of stained glass. Where the bird had come apart on the border I soldered on a narrow steel strip to keep the design together and strengthen it so it would stay secure in the future.

The client was very pleased with the result. What a great idea for a Christmas present too!

Another lamp shade I repaired recently was a rectangular one for a change. This one had a stylish, Charles Rennie Mackintosh-style rose pattern on each side.

As you can see, the border was bent out of shape and three of the white panels were cracked or broken. While this was not a large shade, it still took a long time preparing the replacement glass pieces to fit into the shade. This one had been sent to me from the Isle of Wight, which is just across the Solent from my studio. However, I have had lamps to repair from farther afield, including Ireland and France!

It is good to help people save their stained glass lamps and windows so they can be enjoyed again and not thrown away.


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