Tattoo design in stained glass for special present

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Can you recreate a tattoo as a stained glass panel? Yes I can!

The tattoo on this occasion was a representation of a Viking long ship, inked on the customer’s father’s arm. On the sail were the initials of his children and grandchildren, making it a very special design.

The customer wanted the tattoo design to be captured in a colourful panel that her father could hang up, so we agreed it would not be too big and heavy.

I drew up a design on the computer for her approval and then set to work.

I set the ship in a sea of two tones of blue, with a wispy white to represent the tops of the waves as it cut through the water. The red flag billowed against a white cloud and pale blue sky.

Different techniques were used, including glass painting and copper foil, to get the finer details of the design. I also added blacked wire to create the oars, rigging and the suggestion of wooden planks for the Viking ship’s hull.

A strong wire hanger was added to the top.

This Viking ship tattoo translated very well into stained glass. I am always happy to create such special and personalised presents, as they mean so much to both the customer and their recipient.

This stained glass tattoo design panel was carefully packaged and sent to Nottingham, UK. So distance doesn’t have to be a problem if you don’t live nearby and would like some lovely stained glass.


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