Super submarine Christmas gift

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Submarine Panel

A lovely lady asked me if I could make a very special Christmas present for her partner. He is a big music fan and, if you look at the subject of this stained glass panel, there are no prizes for guessing the name of his favourite band!

As well as the stained glass submarine taking pride of place in the centre of this piece, I incorporated five wavy lines of lead to suggest a musical stave, with added music notes in complementary colours.

The submarine is created from a special glass called Waterglass, which has a wavy texture to give the impression of it moving through the sea. The different blues and ‘bubbles’ enliven the sea.

It sits in a free-standing black metal frame so that it can be displayed easily in a window. The man told me later he puts a piece of white card behind it at night to reflect the colours back into the room.

This was a really fun and special Christmas gift to make and the clients were both delighted.


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