Super stained glass snowman decorations

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Now the weather is getting colder I don’t feel so bad about sharing photos of these cheery stained glass snowmen! I used glass paints to create the black coal eyes and bright orange carrot noses.

There are three styles to choose from, including a snowman sculpture, complete with glass snowballs and silvery charm snowflake and sparkly stars above. This piece can stand on a shelf, table or window sill to bring instant cheer to your home this winter.

Snowman sculpture.

Alternatively, there is the snowman Christmas decoration hanger, which can hang on a stand like the one pictured, or add a ribbon and pop it on your tree or hang him from a door handle or suitable hook.

Snowman Christmas decoration.

The third option is the mini snowman with his own little white glass stand, who is the perfect size to fit in a richly coloured glass bauble. The bauble has a flat bottom so can stand on a flat surface, or it can be hung up by the wire provided to make an extra special display. You can also buy him on his own in a set with the 3D trees (see the Christmas section of the website shop).

Measurements are:
Snowman sculpture overall dimensions 15cm wide by 20cm high.
Snowman Christmas decoration 10cm tall
Snowman in bauble – snowman 6cm high; bauble 10cm diameter

You can also buy the smallest snowman separately with a set of trees to make a pretty winter scene. Why not stand them in a landscape of fake snow?

Mini snowman and 3D trees set.


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