Sugar-free sugar mice make a sweet Valentine’s gift

by | 1st February, 2020 | 0 comments

If you are looking for something a bit different to the usual flowers or chocolates for your Valentine’s gift this year, a handmade stained glass sugar mouse could fit the bill.

These pretty stained glass mice are made using the copper foil technique and each is unique. Some have normal, wavy tails, while some have curled their tails into a romantic heart shape at the end. Tiny feet made of wire ensure they can stand wherever you choose.

They are made from a soft, pale pink coloured glass with an interesting texture. However, you could always commission one in a different colour of your choice.

Have a look in the shop where you can buy one on its own, or choose a pair to sit and look lovingly into each other’s eyes on your window sill, shelf or mantlepiece. They are also ideal as a romantic gift to commemorate a wedding, engagement, anniversary or moving in to new home.

Use the discount code 2EA59XE3 when buying two sugar mice at the same time to get £5 off at the checkout.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Squeak, squeak!



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