Stylish 3D Christmas decorations

by | 5th October, 2020 | 0 comments

Every year I launch a new range of stained glass Christmas decorations and this time I have made some elegant 3D Christmas trees in a variety of colours and two sizes.

Each unique Christmas tree is constructed from three hand-cut triangles of stained glass, which are edged in copper foil and then soldered together. This means they can stand on a table, shelf or window sill. They look great in a mixed group of colours and sizes.

This sleek, minimalist design will sit perfectly in a modern or traditional interior. You could display them on a mirror or a shallow plate of fake snow, or simply stand them together on a mantelpiece or in an alcove.

Three 3D trees and snowman set.

Why not buy several and make your very own mini Christmas forest? Or send one to a friend or loved one to show them you are thinking of them? What could be better than a bespoke gift that nobody else has?

The 3D Christmas decorations are available in heights of 12cm and 17cm.

You can also buy a set of three trees with the little snowman (6cm tall) in the website shop (Christmas section) and create your own winter scene.

If you want a colour that is not shown in the website shop, just contact me for a personalised order.


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