Stained glass stars for our superstars

by | 2nd January, 2020 | 0 comments

These shiny, stained glass stars can hang anywhere around the home, with their large hanging loop. You could add a ribbon to match your colour scheme and hang it over the fireplace, on a wall, or in a window.

However, sometimes they represent much more than a simple decoration; I have made a lot for friends and relatives in memory of loved ones they have lost in the past year or so. It is a nice way to remember them, especially over the festive season, when we reflect on the year gone by and gather friends and family around us. I know several had pride of place on Christmas trees in December. And the benefit is that they can be brought out each year, or moved to display permanently elsewhere in the home when the rest of the decorations are packed away.

Plain white and iridescent white stars are the most popular colours to remember those no longer with us who remain superstars to us in our hearts. I have also made stars in colours that are significant because they were the favourite colour of the person who has passed.

As stars are also used as marks of achievement and good work, they could be given to friends who have been stars in your life – or to reward teenagers for excellent attainment, trying hard, or passing exams or a driving test.

Whatever your motivation in choosing a stained glass star, hopefully when you look at it, it will always bring you comfort and joy!


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