Stained glass raindrop window hanger

by | 11th June, 2023 | 0 comments

When you add sunlight to coloured glass it comes alive. This is definitely the case with this large window hanger I made recently.

Each raindrop was hand-cut from different pieces of stained glass. Colours range from clear to white to a variety of blue tones. Further interest comes from the fact that the raindrops are all made of textured glass.

When hung by a wall, the 18 glass teardrops reflect their textures on that surface, giving the impression that there are even more teardrops, each with its own shadow effect.

The window hanger was created using the traditional copper foil technique. All the raindrops are soldered together with a small piece of chain between each one, allowing extra movement to catch the light. All are secured to an organic style wire frame at the top with a loop of wire to hang the light catcher in a window or against a wall.

This was a fun piece to make as a special birthday present.


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