Stained glass pool table lamps repaired

by | 24th November, 2020 | 0 comments

Pool table lamps are like buses, it would seem. I have never had one to repair in my (long) career as a stained glass artist, but then I received three at once that were all in need of attention.

These genuine vintage American pool table lamps were imported to the UK about 20 years ago by a man who has a business selling and refurbishing pool, billiard and snooker tables. Unfortunately, they were damaged in transit from the US and ended up gathering dust and cobwebs in a corner.

These substantial glass lights were originally made by fitting brass channel around each piece of glass and soldering the joints. I have made brass channel terrariums in the past, so I was confident I could repair or replace the damaged areas. My main concern was being able to match the glass, which involved an extensive search of my suppliers’ websites (it being another lockdown at the time). Although I couldn’t get exactly the same glasses as were used in the originals, I was pleased to get some that were an excellent fit, colour-wise.

The cracked, broken or missing glass pieces were removed and the new pieces were carefully measured and cut. The bent brass channels were pushed and pulled back into shape, where possible, as it is always best to refurbish rather than replace, in order to retain the original look.

Now that they have been repaired, these retro pool table lamps are ready to grace their new homes – bringing their cool US vibe to complement man caves, games rooms and pool tables in the UK. They truly capture the feel of those pool halls seen in American movies.

At over 100cm long and 40cm wide, these lamps are certainly the largest lamp repair jobs I have tackled. One day I’ll make one from scratch… They appear quite difficult to source in the UK, so if you would like your very own pool table lamp made from stained glass, you know where to come :).


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