Stained glass panels for garden gate in Waterlooville, Hampshire

by | 20th May, 2023 | 0 comments

A good thing about stained glass is that it is weatherproof, so can be used outside, with a suitable supporting structure. Stained glass looks lovely in a garden or outdoor space as the sunshine can really flood through and bring the design to life.

Recently I was asked to make some small panels to fit in a man’s wrought iron garden gate.

He had created the striking, geometric designs he wanted on graph paper, which he showed me in our meeting. He explained that each of the three proposed panels was significant to him as they represented a different part of his life.

The first was inspired by his school emblem from when he was a boy; the second represented his children, and the third his grandchildren.

I showed him several different tones and textures of glass and we discussed which would work best and which he preferred.

Once all the details had been agreed, I set to work to recreate his ideas in stained glass.

Each panel was constructed using fairly narrow lead cames, which were suitable as the panels were quite small.

The designs were then filled with specialist lead light cement on both sides to make them secure.

The customer would fit them himself into the centre of the gate, so they would sit diagonally one above the other.

He was so pleased with the panels that he is working on some new designs to brighten up another gate in his garden.

It is always fun to help to bring someone’s ideas to fruition in beautiful stained glass.


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