Stained glass koi for any interior

by | 15th May, 2024 | 0 comments

Sometimes a piece of stained glass really lends itself to the design you are making. This was the case with a sparkling, stained glass koi panel I made recently. I used a streaky, yellow-orange translucent glass with an iridescent surface for the bodies of two swimming koi. This was married with a strong, orange glass for the heads, tails and fins.

Around the circling fish I used three tones of aqua-blue glass, cut with curves to represent waves and water. The palest blue has an iridescent surface, adding to the watery feel of this piece. To give some 3D interest, clear glass marbles were added, representing bubbles in the water.

Each piece of glass was hand-cut and wrapped with copper foil before being soldered together and the solder was blacked to highlight and frame the bold, coloured glasses.

This stained glass koi panel sits in a simple but sturdy black metal frame, ready to display in your home. Do contact me directly ( if you are interested in purchasing this piece as it is not listed in the online shop.


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