Stained glass Fly agaric mushroom for Wild Art Gallery

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If you are passing the picturesque village of Wickham in Hampshire, be sure to call in to the Wild Art Gallery, located in Warwick Lane shopping emporium in the Square.

The Wild Art Gallery is packed with beautiful paintings by the owner, Sarah, along with all sorts of handcrafted gifts by local artists and craftspeople. As you would imagine, given the name of the gallery, most items have an animal or nature theme.

As many of you know, I have a selection of small stained glass gifts for sale through the gallery. These include light catchers, fun sculptures and wall art.

Sarah asked me for some new stock, including a Fly agaric mushroom light catcher. The Fly agaric is that iconic mushroom with a red cap and textural white spots. It is very poisonous, so best avoided in real life. However, if you wish to capture its magic without any ill effects, this stained glass light catcher could be the perfect solution.

I created this Fly agaric mushroom from rich, red glass for the cap, and wispy white glass for the stem. To recreate the textured white spots, I used glass paint that I fixed in the oven when the paint was still wet. This made the paint bubble and pop, making the 3D effect found in the real mushrooms.

The glass was edged in copper foil, soldered and a hanging loop was added. The solder was blacked to make a good contrast against the stained glass.

Other new stock now available at the Wild Art Gallery includes fun stained glass dragons. There is one to hang on a wall and one that sits on a shelf. The ‘shelfie’ dragon features a bold, green glass with a sparkly sheen. He has funny little feet made from shaped solder to dangle over the side of a shelf or bookcase. He also has a tail with a point to balance him as he looks over the room. The wall dragon has a white glass body and aqua green-blue wings and tail point. A simple wire loop means he is easy to hang straight away.

If you like stained glass sculptures, there is everything from a house on wood with tiny flowers and pretty leaves, to a fox, chicks, the ever-popular standing cats or a jazzy orange worm plant pot buddy.

If you can’t get to Wickham in Hampshire, why not have a look at the great selection of unique stained glass artworks available in the website Shop? There are more Fly agaric mushroom light catchers, assorted dragons, animal sculptures, plus boats, house sculptures and more! If you are looking for something a bit different, there is sure to be something to suit your taste and budget.


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