Stained glass door repair in situ

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When you have a beautiful stained glass window in your home it is upsetting if it gets damaged. This was the case for this front door with a large stained glass panel.

The owner had painted the door frame and the door had stuck. One piece of the glass cracked when he forced the door.

The good news is that, when you have one or two broken stained glass pieces in a window, often they can be replaced in situ.

In order to carry out a repair, I have to take a lot of tools and equipment to the location. It is always the way that if you don’t take everything, the one thing you need will be the one you leave behind!

One of the hardest parts of a stained glass window repair is matching the glass. Often older windows have been made from glass that is no longer made or available. In this case, I sourced a close match to both the colour and texture.

The broken glass is carefully removed and any fragments are cleared from inside the leads. A new piece of replacement stained glass is cut to size. This can be a tricky process – especially if the glass is a complex shape. Then the lead is carefully opened up to take the new glass. Once the new glass is in position, the lead is smoothed back over the top. Next the gaps are filled and everything is cleaned.

The door has to be closed with extra care for a few days while the filler dries and hardens properly.

This stained glass repair service helps give traditionally-made windows and door panels a new lease of life and preserves them for the future.

If you want to fit real stained glass in a new build or modern home, you may like to read this blog about stained glass encapsulation. This is where the stained glass panel is enclosed within a double glazed unit.


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