Stained glass cyclamen for interior doors

by | 3rd August, 2021 | 0 comments

Stained glass does not always come on the scale of church windows. Sometimes customers want their stained glass a lot smaller.

This was the case recently, when I was asked to make some 11cm squares of stained glass. These were to feature pink cyclamen flowers with dark green leaves. These were a particular favouriteEach had to be slightly different from the rest.

They would be fitted in some internal glazed doors, which had small, square corners in glass.

I drew up the patterns and sent the customer photos of the proposed glass for approval. He was delighted, so I went ahead.

For detailed work it is good to use the copper foil technique. The glass for each square was cut and foiled, then soldered together on each side. Then the solder was blacked to create a good contrast with the stained glass.

The background glass was a wispy white, which would provide interest while letting light through.

The new owner was very pleased with his new cyclamen design stained glass corners. I was happy to make something on a more petite scale for him.


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