Stained glass artworks make statement interiors pieces

by | 1st January, 2022 | 0 comments

There are so many types of stained glass available today, which make it great for different projects. While clear, coloured glasses make fantastic windows, more opaque glasses are ideal for smaller artworks that do not need to stand in the light.

Whatever interior style you have, why not consider adding a beautiful, free-standing stained glass panel to your home?

The medium of stained glass is a more unusual choice than a painting or carved sculpture. This means it is sure to be a talking point with visiting guests.

A stained glass artwork, mounted on a stand, offers great versatility. Some can be placed on a window sill to catch the light. Others look stunning on a table or shelf.

Whether you like butterflies or flowers, or a more abstract design, there is a stained glass artwork that will speak to you.

Glass has a timeless quality, which makes it perfect for both modern and traditional settings.

Whether you love the shimmer of an iridescent glass, or the elegance of a swirl of colours, there is an artwork to suit your style.

Visit the artworks section of the website and be inspired by the beauty of stained glass.


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