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Memory Box

One of the things I love about my business is receiving requests from customers that are a bit different. I like to really listen to what they want – and why – and then take up the challenge of creating something tailored to them and the story they have told me.

This happened at the Craft in Focus event, held at RHS Wisley Garden in Surrey. A couple there were attracted by my square coasters and asked if I could make them a special, stained glass box based on that design. They explained that their son had died recently and they wanted an attractive container with three compartments that could hold precious mementos of him, including dried hops from his funeral and dried rose petals from his last gift to his mother on Mother’s Day.

We discussed the shape, size and style they would like and then they considered what colour they preferred. After much deliberation (there are so many beautiful colours), they settled on a simple white glass, with a subtle ripple effect texture. It was to be rectangular in shape and the decoration on the lid would be simple – using the ‘bud’ design from the coasters.

The size and weight of the lid meant I decided to make it with a small lip around the edges so that it could be lifted off, rather than adding hinges that might not take the weight.

The copper foil technique was used to give a delicate finish and the solder was cleaned and waxed to preserve its bright, silvery shine. Once the glass was cleaned, its texture was highlighted as the light bounced off its surface.

The finished piece is beautiful in its simplicity of design, but also practical and a unique tribute to preserve the parents’ memories of their beloved son. It was a pleasure to create this bespoke piece for them.

Upon receiving it the mother said, “Thank you so much. It is lovely. I am so pleased with it – you made it exactly how I wanted it!”

I am so pleased I was able to interpret her wishes successfully.

Read about other commission pieces here.

If you have an idea for a unique gift, stained glass window, or interiors piece, please get in touch.


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