Koi wall art in stained glass

I was commissioned to make a koi to hang on a wall in a Japanese-themed bathroom and I was so pleased with the design that I decided to create a second one to sell in the shop.

This pretty design features a lucky Japanese koi with a swirled grey body, rich red fins and tail, and a black head with protruding eyes. It is made using the copper foil technique.

The Japanese revere the koi carp for its beauty and tenacity. They believe it promotes evolution, growth and transformation. They are seen as being courageous as they battle against the current to swim up rivers.

Having a koi pond in your garden also supports the principles of Feng Shui, as it is believed to improve the positive flow of energy and serenity around the home, benefitting all who live and visit there.

The patterns on koi carp are important to the Japanese, too, with the best specimens selling for thousands of pounds.

This stained glass koi is designed to ‘swim’ up a wall and can be hung from the wire loop on the back.

It measures about 34cm from head to tail.


Out of stock

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