Romantic gift ideas for your love

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Are you looking to surprise and delight someone you love? What better way than with a unique, handmade gift? Hearts are the traditional symbol of love, whether for Valentine’s day, a wedding or anniversary, or simply to show someone how much they mean to you.

Therefore I have been creating a variety of beautiful stained glass gift ideas featuring hearts.

These include handmade hearts that hang on a wall, or in a window, made from rich, coloured glasses. Choose from a warm, burnt orange glass, two subtle tones of green glass, or a reflective sky blue glass with an iridescent surface. Each heart is embellished with hand-curled blackened wire and metal solder blobs. These hearts are designed to hang at an angle from the wire, for added interest. They are all individual so nobody else will have the same. They are works of art that show you care. They would be ideal house warming gifts too – or treat your own home to this symbol of love and warmth.

Another great gift to show you care is the tall, vintage vase decorated with little red glass hearts. This vase is very unusual as it is formed in the shape of a heart, too. When you look at it from above, the heart shape makes a clear declaration of love. The red hearts are enhanced with decorative wires that are finished with pointed ‘buds’. There is just one of these vintage vases available.

Many of you are familiar with my range of fun, Quirky Birds. These cute little characters all have their own styles and personalities. You can buy them individually, or as a pair. However, if you want a particularly romantic choice, there are new Quirky Birds available. These come as a pair, looking lovingly at one another and separated by a single red glass heart, held in their beaks. There are blue iridescent birds, or birds made from a blue-green swirled glass. With their wire plumage and sturdy feet, they are ready to stand on a shelf, window sill, desk or table.

The stained glass Sugar Mice are always popular gifts. These pale pink mice come with a heart shaped tail or a straight tail. Buy one or a pair to treat your loved one. Again, they have little feet made from wire so they are ready to sit wherever you please. Guaranteed not to nibble any cheese you may have in the house…

A gift with a heart is perfect for any romantic occasion, or to show someone you are thinking of them.


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