Rainbow stained glass for new TV series

by | 29th July, 2020 | 0 comments

Stained glass comes alive when light is added and what could be a better way to show off its beauty than in a rainbow of colours? This rainbow was commissioned for use on the set of a new TV series that is scheduled to be shown in 2021.

The prop manager previously bought several of my small sculptures to dress the set and then requested a rainbow as it has become a potent symbol of hope and support for the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic.

She wanted a pastel palette of stained glass colours with a white star at the bottom. One of the skills I have been perfecting during the lockdown is use of digital technology to create some of my glass patterns. This meant I could make a star pattern on my laptop of the perfect size and shape to go with the rainbow. Once I had drawn it out on the glass I used my ring saw, which made it easy to cut the awkward star shape from one piece, which would have been impossible with hand cutting.

Planning and cutting the stained glass rainbow pieces

I used the copper foil method to assemble the rainbow, adding thin strips of steel to reinforce the larger pieces. Between each piece of glass I threaded glass beads on the wire core to create spaces and make it feel more like a mobile.

The TV people were delighted with the finished piece and I am looking forward to spotting it and the other stained glass pieces in the new series in due course.

It is always particularly gratifying to have returning customers and I am lucky to have so many clients who think of me when they want something bespoke for their homes, or as gifts.


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