New stained glass light catchers: birds, mushrooms, chillis, seashells…

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A new flock of stained glass birds has arrived in the shop to join the ever-popular Quirky Bird sculptures. These new flying birds are light catchers, designed to hang from a ribbon or cord in a window and catch the light.

Some have upturned tails and others have downturned tails, but they all have long beaks, a swirly, curly wing detail and funny feet dangling along below. They are sure to bring a smile to your face!

You could buy several of these light catchers to make a fun flock flying across your window in a line or at different heights. Some have been made from more opaque stained glass, which makes them suitable for hanging in a window or on a wall. Sure to be a favourite with young and old alike!

Mystic mushroom light catcher

Another new light catcher design is the mystic mushroom – or is it a toadstool? Every one is unique and made from different colours of stained glass to ensure it glows in the light. Some are made in soft pastels and others are bolder colours. Some have highlights in iridescent glass to really catch the light. They are a great gift for gardeners or nature lovers – or anyone who likes a bit of colour in their life. You could hang one in the potting shed or greenhouse, or even from a tree or shrub, to bring year-round colour.

Chilli light catcher

We all know someone who loves chillis – there are even chilli festivals held around the world celebrating every type of chilli, from the JalapeƱo to the Scotch Bonnet. Whatever chilli heat you prefer, the stained glass chilli light catcher is sure to be the right temperature for you! Made from warm, red stained glass with a little green stalk, it comes with a wire hanger ready for your cord or ribbon. Hang it in your kitchen or buy it as a gift for someone who enjoys cooking – or eating!

Seashell light catcher

Everyone loves the feel of the sea air on their faces and walking on the beach. Capture happy holiday memories with the new seashell light catchers. You can almost hear the sea! Made from textured stained glass in blues and greens, they would look lovely hanging in a window to remind you of the seaside, whether you live near the sea or not.

All of these new light catchers are available now in the Shop.


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