Mystical mushroom plant stakes for sale

by | 25th June, 2021 | 0 comments

You may remember the Mystical Mushroom stained glass light catchers I made recently. Well, for anyone who would prefer to pop one in a plant pot, I have added Mystical Mushroom plant stakes to the range. Of course, they could also be toadstools!

Each Mystical Mushroom plant stake is handmade from different, beautiful stained glasses and will look great in an indoor setting or with a plant in a window.

These plant stakes are the same, generous size as the window hangers (15cm tall excluding the stake), but have a sturdy wire attached to the base. This simply pushes into the soil to keep the Mystical Mushroom upright. They are a great way to add a splash of colour to a house plant – or would even work outside in a flower bed or next to a tree or shrub. Put one at the bottom of the garden to attract the fairies and provide a sprinkle of magic.

And, because they are made from stained glass, they will keep providing lovely colours all year round – in the garden, or indoors.

Treat yourself or send one to a friend or relative to brighten their day.

Different colours are available now in the Garden and Outdoor section of the website Shop. Every stained glass plant stake is a unique gift, as it is individually hand made.


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