More Tiffany lamp repairs in the studio

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Two Tiffany lamps repaired by Orchid Stained Glass

I’ve had a steady stream of Tiffany lamp repairs to carry out recently. The most common problems occur around the vase cap (the round metal part on the top). Sometimes it pulls away from the rest of the lamp and stresses the stained glass. This results in broken or cracked glass. This was the case for a lamp that was sent to me from Northern Ireland for repair. It featured a peacock feather design all round.

As shown in the photos, several of the top and side pieces of stained glass were missing or cracked. These had to be replaced with similar glass. I always check how the replacement glass looks in the light, as often it is transformed when illuminated. Glass that looks right unlit can look wrong with light behind it. This lamp had a lot of rich, autumnal colours, so I used several different pieces of stained glass to get the right effect.

Some of the bottom edge pieces were also cracked and had to be replaced.

When the owner received it back safely through the post, she was delighted with the result.

Another Tiffany lamp I received for repair also had problems round the vase cap. This featured a rich, red Poinsettia design. Again, I had to replace the foil around some of the remaining stained glass and find new glass to match in with the existing glass. I reattached the vase cap much more firmly than it had originally been fitted. If I feel it needs it, sometimes I add steel strips inside the vase cap to ensure it is secure and will take the weight of the shade.

Once the repairs were carried out, I was able to refit it to its matching base and see it lit for the first time. I never cease to be amazed at the transformation of a Tiffany lamp when the light shines through it. I was glad to be able to save both of these shades so they can be enjoyed by their owners again.

If you have a damaged Tiffany lamp sitting in a corner or a box, perhaps you would like to have it restored so you can put it on display again. Or if you would like your own Tiffany lamp created for you in the colours and style you desire, do get in touch via: .


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