Magnolia Tiffany pendant lamp repair

by | 1st May, 2022 | 0 comments

Most Tiffany lamps I repair are table lamps, but recently I had a pretty pendant lamp brought to me. Tiffany pendant lamps are constructed in the same way as table lamps. The only difference is the light fitting.

This Tiffany lamp featured yellow and pinky-white flowers all round, which looked like the tulip-shaped petals of the Magnolia. Unfortunately, a lot of the edge glass had been dented inwards and about 30 pieces of glass needed replacing in the end.

Some of the colours were impossible to match, but I used the closest possible. Other stained glasses I matched well and was pleased with how they blended in with the originals.

Again, the copper foil technique was used to fit the new stained glass pieces into the lamp. Each piece of broken glass was removed and an individually hand cut one was cut to fit its space.

The replaced areas were soldered into place and then the solder was blacked to blend in with the existing solder.

Finally the whole shade was cleaned inside and out, ready to return to its home in London. This Tiffany shade has such lovely, rich and warm colours, so I can understand why they wanted to have it repaired.


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