Latest Tiffany lamp repairs for happy customers

by | 3rd July, 2022 | 0 comments

So many people are still asking me to help them with Tiffany-style lamp repairs. Every month I receive fresh enquiries.

When I receive the damaged lamp, I never know how it looks when it is lit up. Therefore it is always a pleasant surprise to see what the addition of light does to a repaired lamp when I illuminate it when it is finished.

For example, consider the dull-looking brown lamp with its two cracked pieces. You cannot imagine how it transforms to give the delightful warm yellow and turquoise glow when it is lit up.

I was pleased to be able to match the broken areas of glass very closely and the owner was very impressed.

Another Tiffany lamp I repaired recently had more substantial damage. As you can see, half of the flat panels had pulled apart and come off completely. In addition, several of the remaining panels had been cracked and needed replacing.

I was concerned that I would not be able to match the greeny-lilac glass that I had seen in the customer’s photographs. However, when I saw the pieces in person, I could see that some of the original panels were made from a very pale pinkish-lilac glass. I knew I could source some very similar stained glass to carry out the repair.

I removed the broken panels carefully and replaced them with new glass.

Happily, the detached panels were not damaged so they just needed to be re-fitted.

Once all the repair work was done I could put the refurbished Tiffany lamp shade back on its stand. When it was lit up it came alive. The new and old glasses blended nicely and the unusual purple border glass made a pretty feature.

Both customers were very pleased to have their lovely lamps back in working order so they could enjoy them again.


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