Don’t move, improve – with stained glass

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In the current economic uncertainties, the housing market has stalled. House prices are reported to be down on the same time a year ago. This, and the fact that so many of us are spending more time at home, working or furloughed, has led to a rising trend in people looking to update and improve their homes, rather than face the hassle of moving.

There are several ways you can use stained glass as a feature in your home, internally and externally. Perhaps you have a fanlight above a front door, or internal doors, or have had an extension that has brought an external window inside. Think about how some stained glass could really enhance that space.

For darker areas, textured clear glasses or pale coloured glasses can be used to make an attractive design that will let the maximum amount of light through.

For sunny areas, rich colours can be used that will project rainbow patterns around the room as the light moves through the day.

If you have a window overlooking an unsightly view, a stained glass panel in textured or opaque glass can make that negative into a positive area.

Whether you prefer a simple, single flower at the side of a panel, or an overall pattern of riotous colour, your wishes can be recreated in beautiful stained glass.

If you have a traditional Victorian or Edwardian home with a fanlight above the front door and vertical panels either side, perhaps they need refurbishment or repair? Perhaps one window has been replaced with clear glass but you would like the original pattern of the other windows matched? Cracked panes and warped lead can be replaced and revitalised.

If you have a modern home, there is a design to fit with your tastes and decor. Think how an exclusive panel, made to your requirements, would enhance your home. Real stained glass panels can even be encapsulated in a double glazed unit if you wish.

An alternative to a traditionally-made stained glass window in the home is a freestanding panel. This requires no fitting as it comes with its own stand. Place it in front of a window to enjoy the colours shining through the glass, or stand it on a table, shelf or desk. Choose from a ready-made design or ask about a bespoke piece in a colour and style of your choice. Anything is possible, from flowers to abstract, simple to detailed.

For the wall, have you considered a stained glass design that can hang up? From glistening fish and fantasy boats for the bathroom to fun framed pictures of owls and cats, there is something for every budget. Or perhaps you would like a mirror with a stylish frame – both a practical and attractive choice. The only limit is your imagination.

And let’s not forget the classic Tiffany-style lighting options of table lamps or pendants. As you will see from my website, you don’t have to stick to a traditional pattern when choosing a stained glass lamp. Whatever design you prefer, these lovely pieces bring a warm glow to any space and are sure to be a talking point.

Whether you have the budget for a large, unique statement piece, or a few pounds for a guardian angel light catcher, do have a browse of the website for inspiring ways to bring beautiful stained glass into your home. From Art Deco to contemporary decor, we can work together to realise your dreams in glass.


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