Chrysler Building gift for New York lover

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There are many iconic buildings in New York, reproduced in New York skyline pictures and emblazoned on souvenir T-shirts, but I’m not sure how many times they have been recreated in stained glass!

New York skyscraper

This stained glass wall art piece captures the spirit of one of the most attractive of New York’s skyscrapers – the fabulous, Art Deco-style Chrysler Building. I can’t pretend it is architecturally accurate, but I think it is still recognisable ;).

New York minute

The artwork was made for an English lady who worked in New York and loved every minute of her time there. I chose to make the Chrysler Building for its beauty – although, after I had cut out loads of little blue triangles and foiled round each one, I began to regret my choice!

Chrysler Building wall art has Big Apple detail

I used some lovely, iridescent glasses for the tower and windows, adding wire embellishments to enhance the design. I added a silver apple charm to represent the Big Apple and a bird charm in the sky. To support the design structure I added a cloud in wire and a hanging loop at the top.

History of the Chrysler Building

Did you know that the Chrysler Building was once the world’s tallest building, albeit for a mere 11 months? The impressive steel-over-brick structure dominated the New York skyline from its completion in 1930 until the Empire State Building was finished in 1931.

Tallest building competition

The Chrysler Building was designed by architect William Van Alen and has a classic Art Deco style. It has 77 storeys and is 1,048 feet tall to the tip of its spire. The 185-foot spire was built off-site in secret and assembled from four sections inside the building. The reason for the secrecy was that the Chrysler Building was in competition with another skyscraper that was being built at the same time for the Bank of Manhattan Trust. The two buildings were neck-and-neck in height during construction, but with the addition of the spire, the Chrysler Building became 121 feet higher than its rival. However, this win was short-lived as the Empire State Building soon took its crown, with its 102 storeys and a height of 1,453 feet.

Happy recipient

I think you’ll agree that the Chrysler Building remains one of the most iconic designs in New York. Hopefully every time the recipient of the stained glass version looks at her stained glass wall art, she will be reminded of her time in the USA and all the happy memories.

Perhaps you know someone who would like one too?


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