Chirpy Christmas robin decorations bring festive cheer

by | 10th December, 2020 | 0 comments

I was given some old pieces of stained glass by a generous lady whose late husband had had a stained glass hobby many years ago. She was having a clear out and wanted the materials to go to a good home. I was pleased to be that good home, especially as a lot of the stained glass suppliers and producers have gone out of business over the years and it can be hard to find just the right matches for stained glass window repairs or Tiffany lamp repairs. So it is great to be able to keep a stash of discontinued coloured glasses to reuse and upcycle into a new artwork or to perfect a repair job for a customer.

As a thank you to the lady, I decided to make a chirpy Christmas robin using some of her husband’s red and brown stained glass sheets, for her to keep. She was so thrilled with her little robin sculpture that I have made several more since. I have made them in two sizes – robin and baby robin – and they are available in my website shop now. Either buy one on its own, or a pair the same size, or have a set of a little family of two or more.

While these robin decorations are perfect for sending to a friend or loved one this Christmas, they are also great to add to your own Christmas decor, as they can perch easily on a table, shelf, desk or window sill on their little wire feet. If you know a bird lover or nature lover, they would make a cute, handmade gift at any time of the year. No two are exactly the same, which adds to their charm and character.

Several more of these stained glass robins have flown off to new homes this week, so secure yours soon and bring a smile to someone at the end of 2020! Merry Christmas and keep safe.


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