Celtic Knot stained glass garden sculpture

by | 5th January, 2021 | 0 comments

For a long time I have wanted to branch out into making stained glass artworks and sculptures for the garden and I am pleased to say that I have started making some at last! There is something magical about watching the sun shine through the glass in a garden sculpture as it makes its way across the sky. Plus, with more of us extending our living environment into ‘garden rooms’, what could be better than adorning that space with unique art, as you would inside the house?

This Celtic Knot garden sculpture combines the beauty of stained glass with the practicality of a sturdy, metal frame to support it in the ground.

This piece was made for a man who wanted to celebrate his Irish heritage with a Celtic theme. The knot design works well in the circular frame. The green, orange and white glasses were chosen to reflect the colours of the Irish flag. The design could work equally well with totally different colours of course – when the daylight shines through it adds another dimension.

The glass centre section was made separately from the frame using copper foil technique. Pieces of sturdy wire were soldered on at the edge, ready to thread through the four holes in the metal, before soldering the wires down on the reverse side. Both sides were finished neatly, as this piece may be viewed from both sides.

The frame has two long prongs at the bottom so it is simply pushed into the ground where you wish to display it. It was outside during Storm Bella and sustained no damage, which I think is a good test of its strength.

I have invested in some more metal frames, in various shapes, that are suitable for future stained glass garden artworks, so watch this space for more garden inspiration…

If you have an idea for glass for your own garden, please contact me. I am sure we can make your dream a reality!


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