Blue and star Tiffany lamp repair

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Do you remember the brownish-purple Tiffany lamp with iridescent stars that I repaired a few months ago? Well I have now had a second one in the same style to repair, but with a rich, blue background glass.

This one had a large split down one side, caused by a fall. The vase cap (round metal piece on the top) was dented. One of the two bulb holders on the base had been knocked loose too.

I knocked out the dented vase cap as best as I could. The lamp base had to be unscrewed so the fitting inside could be tightened to hold the weight of the bulb holder again.

The hardest part of this stained glass repair job was to source a glass as close to the blue original as possible. Then I set about removing each individual cracked and broken area. A lot of glass splinters were caused at this stage!

Next I began cutting the replacement glass pieces. Each was a different shape, so this was a slow process. Then, once the glass was the right size, it had to be edged in copper foil tape, ready for soldering.

Before I replaced the stained glass pieces, I had to make the overall shade round again. This involved pulling together the most damaged area and soldering a reinforcement steel strip in place to secure it.

Once the replacement blue glass was soldered in position, I turned my attention to the S shapes around the border. These were very tricky to cut and fit. Luckily I played audio novels to help the time pass quicker.

Bead soldering provided a neater finish inside and out on the shade. Then the new solder was blacked to tone in with the original before it was all cleaned up.

Following a test of the shade back on its repaired base, with lit bulbs, it was ready to return to its owners. Another successful Tiffany lamp repair!


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