Are you a fan of canal boats and narrowboats?

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This commission for a canal boat sculpture has proved very popular in online posts. Clearly there are a lot of people across the country who enjoy a canal boat holiday – or choose to live on a narrowboat.

The obligation to travel as slowly as a pedestrian on a canal boat naturally forces you into a slower pace of life and helps you to relax and appreciate the natural world surrounding you.

This stained glass canal boat needed to be set on a larger piece of wood than I normally use for my Funky Sculptures, as the people who asked for it also wanted two pairs of walking boots added to the design, to represent their other passion for country walking. Even on a bigger scale, the boots are still rather tiny! However, I managed to add little laces to each boot in thin wire.

The boat itself has a wire tiller for steering, and porthole and rectangular windows along the side.

In front, a pair of silver charm swans swim alongside the boat, while other birds fly overhead. A glass mosaic bead is encased in wire above, representing the sunshine on a nice day out.

This photograph of the canal boat in front of a window gives the impression that it is travelling along a canal out in the countryside, with the trees in the background.

I hope the new owners will be reminded of their holidays every time they look at their canal boat sculpture.

Have you experienced a boating holiday too?


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