Another seagulls contemporary stained glass window for Southsea

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You may remember I created a contemporary stained glass window for a couple’s home on Hayling Island recently. It was a fun project to do and I was pleased with the result, so it was great to be asked by another good client for something similar for their apartment in Southsea.

Of course seagulls are a lovely subject for a stained glass window anywhere, but they are particularly appropriate for a seaside location.

I always like to get a sense of movement in my designs and this is achieved through the use of detailed areas. Many shapes could not be hand cut from stained glass, as the glass would crack in the wrong place, but I have a wonderful ring saw that makes short work of the tight corners.

Using a computer designing program enables me to draw out designs for clients that can be adapted if needed. Colours and sizes can be quickly and easily changed, which is a relief compared to the alternative of drawing and colouring in by hand. I am still able to achieve an artistic rendition using the computer tools, as well as a realistic impression of the colours to be used and the thickness of the lead lines.

In this way, I was able to resize each seagull individually, to suit the new composition and dimensions of the new window.

I am looking forward to seeing a photo of this stained glass window when it is fitted above a doorway in its new Southsea home. The pale grey, white and blue stained glass colours bring a fresh and timeless quality to this contemporary stained glass window.

Until it can be transported to its final home after lockdown, this seagulls window panel is on display in the owner’s current residence. He commented, “At least we are getting some joy from it already. It’s a work of art!”


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