A unique stained glass lamp repair

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Tiffany lamp repair process

As you will know from my numerous blogs on the subject, I have undertaken many Tiffany lamp repairs over the years. Each one has its particular challenges and damage to rectify.

Some lamps are dented, some have glass pieces missing, some have cracked or fractured glass, and some have torn at the vase cap or other areas. 

However, a recent repair I made was to a lamp with a finish to the glass that I hadn’t experienced before. Rather than the stained glass being a solid colour, this lamp was constructed from pieces of clear glass that had a transfer coating on the back that was made to look like stained glass.

When the owner sent me photos of the damage, I could see that the paint coating had flaked away from the back of the glass in areas where the shade was cracked.

This Tiffany lamp had been constructed in the usual way, using the copper foil technique, so I was confident that I could repair it.

When it arrived, I examined it more closely and found that I was correct and the whole shade was constructed from clear glass with different coloured coatings on the back.

I advised the client that I would repair it using opaque, coloured stained glass and she was happy with that approach.

I selected the closest possible matches in pale yellow, green, orange and lilac stained glasses. Then I carefully removed all the damaged areas, cut the new glass to fit, copper foiled each piece and soldered each one into place. 

Next I blacked the solder to match the original design and cleaned the whole lamp inside and out. 

The customer was very happy with the repair as she had bought the lamp with her husband, who was now deceased, so it had great sentimental value. I was pleased I could help restore it for her to enjoy again.  


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